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<On Exhibition>"Hymn to Lives" Theme PavilionDisplayed in permanent·1F

<On Exhibition>"Stories of Lives" Theme PavilionDisplayed in permanent·2F

<On Exhibition>“Message of Life” Epitaph SquareDisplayed in permanent·B1

<On Exhibition>The Old-movies CinemaDisplayed in permanent·1F

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Mr. Hu Zhiguang, a Well-known Patriot Chinese in Netherland visits Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum
On the afternoon of Aug. 21, Mr. Hu Zhiguang, a well-known patriot Chinese in Netherland visits Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan and the first humanism memorial museum in China.
First Batch of Achievements of Shanghai Celebrity Database Displayed
Since its founding last November, Shanghai Humanism Memorial Research Institute has been devoted to establishing Shanghai Celebrity Database to collect and rescue precious human culture and history data in Shanghai. On Jun. 26, the First “Humanism Memorial and City Spirit” Forum was held in Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum.
Gong Xueping, the Member of National Congress Standing Committee visited the museum
Gong Xueping, the Member of National Congress Standing Committee arrived at Shanghai Fu Shou Yuan in the morning on 7th May. 2011 and visited the Museum.
Golden Wedding Wills
Collections of Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum (3)
Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum has received great support from the entire society since its opening, especially the warm response from family members of celebrities who have been active in giving advice for the proposed museum and donated articles left by their ancestors and treasured by the family ...

Collection selection

  • Teak Five-door Cabinet

  • Teresa Teng’s Stage Costume for Tokyo Show

  • Elegiac Scroll “Model of Loyalty” by Chiang Kai-shek

  • Zhao Lengyue—Couples in Clerical Script

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