Ways to Give

    Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum has received great support from the entire society since its opening, especially the warm response from family members of celebrities who have been active in giving advice for the proposed museum and donated articles left by their ancestors and treasured by the family for years to the museum, which made it possible for the museum to complete smoothly the collection and arrangement of exhibits. However, due to many reasons, there is still a large batch of relics of celebrities left in the society. To collect these treasures for the purpose of humanism commemoration, the museum needs the support and help from the society. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and respects to donators.

Method of Donation:
1. The museum accepts the donation from Chinese and foreign enterprises, groups and individuals.
2. We collect mainly free donations and could also borrow them for exhibition.
3. The museum accepts mainly donations in kind, including relics left by modern extraordinary figures buried in Fu Shou Yuan, their letters and manuscripts, works, photos and files.
4. The value of donations with great historical significance will be assessed and verified by relevant departments and experts.
5. All donations from the society will be exhibited and studied by Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum under the audit and social supervision.
6. Donators will be given honors and proper treatment by the museum as follows.
    a. Hold news conference or signing ceremony for the donation
    b. Introduce the donator in the Museum Commemorative Brochure
    c. Name the exhibition area and items after donators
    d. Honored as honorary member by Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum
    e. Attend different events and activities of the museum as special guests
    f. Issue Honor Certificates
    g. Give a certain amount of gifts or mementos in return
7. Shanghai Humanism Memorial Museum is responsible for the donation and interpretation of these rules.