Xuan Zheren

Xuan Zheren
March 1, 1923-May 8, 2008

Xuan Zheren, native of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, orthopedics expert and founder of soft tissue surgery.

   Of his 58-year medical career, Xuan was steeped in diagnosis, treatment and theories of orthopaedics and soft tissue diseases, and accumulated abundant experiences in diagnosis and treatment of difficult and complicated diseases like fracture, trauma and bone diseases. He devoted himself to the study on diagnosis and treatment of internal-external mixed soft tissue damaging pain, or chronic pain as is conventionally called in the world, from 1954. On the basis of over 6000 cases of lysis of soft tissue within and out of vertebral canal, over 4000 cases of tender area strong stimulation massage, and over 6000 cases of intensive tender area silver needle acupuncture, Xuan gradually founded Xuan Zheren soft tissue surgery and made innovative exploration of the treatment of chronic soft tissue pain. He’s praised as “Father of Soft Tissue Surgery” and was granted the prize of scientific progress in medicine of Shanghai in 2002.

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