On the second floor of the museum is the exhibition with the theme of “Stories of Lives”. 85 personages who have already buried in Fu Shou Yuan and their relics are exhibited here. In the theme exhibition of “Stories of Lives”, There are 6 units of exhibition areas displayed in exhibition hall east and west on the second floor, including “Exploring Lives”, “Caritative Lives”, “Duteous Lives”, “Wise Lives”, “Tough Lives” and “Gorgeous Lives”. The essence of life of 85 figures is concentrated in these 6 elements of life and the 1300 relics exhibited in the museum.

Exploring Lives

There are such a group of people, who are the giants of their professions and pioneers of science. With their extraordinary courage and insight and outstanding talent, they actuated the development of an industry, nurtured the birth of a discipline and accelerated the course of social civilization. Meanwhile, they reach the top of their career with their personality elegance and the unlimited pursuit to the career, which is greatly admired by everyone.

  • Bei HantingBei Hanting

    Bei Hanting was a native of Zhenhai (currently known as Ningbo City) of Zheji..

  • Cai YubiaoCai Yubiao

    A native of Suzhou City of Jiangsu Province, Cai Yubiao was one of the founde..

  • Cai ZuquanCai Zuquan

    Cai Zuquan was a native of Yuhang, Zhejiang Province. He was Former Director ..

  • Fan ChangjiangFan Changjiang

    Born in Neijiang, Sichuan Province, Fan Changjiang was a pioneer and an outst..

  • Liu Hongsheng Liu Hongsheng

    Liu Hongsheng, a native of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, was a patriotic industr..

  • Xuan ZherenXuan Zheren

    Xuan Zheren, native of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, orthopedics expert and found..

  • Yang GuanbeiYang Guanbei

    Yang Guanbei, native of Jiangsu province and a shipping giant...

  • Zeng LeZeng Le

    Born in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, he was the former Assistant Chief..

  • Zhang YuanjiZhang Yuanji

    Zhang Yuanji, a native of Haiyan County, Zhejiang Province, was a well-known ..

“Caritative Lives”

They have great minds, which could contain the whole world. They either practice medicine to help people, or do boldly what is righteous, or pity the people in the world, or show mercy to the world. They are full of enthusiasm, embodying the glory of humanity and love of the world with the “kind heart of ancient men”

  • Bai BeiwuBai Beiwu

    Bai Beiwu, a native of Jiaxian County of Shaanxi Province, was a top leader i..

  • Xiong RuchengXiong Rucheng

    Xiong Rucheng, native of Qichun, Hubei Province, expert in urinary surgery, m..

  • Mao ShoubaiMao Shoubai

    Mao Shoubai, a native of Shanghai, was a parasitologist...

  • Gu SuiyueGu Suiyue

    Born in Shanghai, Gu Suiyue was a famous pathologist...

  • Xu JieXu Jie

    Xu Jie, native of Tiantai, Zhejiang Province, writer, educator and literary c..

  • Wang Yang Wang Yang

    Wang Yang, a native of Shanghai, started to study in the College of Visual Ar..

  • Su JuxianSu Juxian

    Su Juxian, a native of Zhoupu, Shanghai, was a calligrapher and once worked i..

  • Luo Ping & Ji Shaofu Luo Ping & Ji Shaofu

    Ji Shaofu, a native of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, was a publisher who loved ..

  • Li Jixian & Chen Rong’enLi Jixian & Chen Rong’en

    Being both natives of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, Li Jixian and Chen Rong’..

  • Zhao DongshengZhao Dongsheng

    Zhao Dongsheng, a native of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, was ever the He..

  • Shen YifanShen Yifan

    Shen Yifan, a native of Shanghai, was a Christian bishop and former chief pri..

  • Chen JieruChen Jieru

    Chen's ancestral hometown was Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, while she was born i..

“Duteous Lives”

They are a group of loyal and steadfast warriors. They are loyal to the Party, the nation and the great belief of communism. They are always loyal to the people’s cause and the great belief either in the wartime of welcoming the birth of New China, or in the perilous journey of the nation’s rise. Their lives, at this moment have been sublimated to persistent adhesion.

  • Yu XiusongYu Xiusong

    Born in Zhuji City, Zhejiang Province; he is one of the main founders of the ..

  • Pan HannianPan Hannian

    Pan Hannian, a native of Yixing, Jiangsu Province, was the first Executive Vi..

  • Dong JianwuDong Jianwu

    Dong Jianwu, a native of Qingpu, Shanghai, was a legend in the history of Chi..

  • Chen ShouchangChen Shouchang

    Chen Shouchang was a native of Zhenhai (currently known as Ningbo City), Zhej..

  • Xia ZhengnongXia Zhengnong

    Born in Fengcheng, Jiangxi province. The former member of Central Advisory Co..

  • Vi Kyuin Vi Kyuin

    Vi Kyuin “Wellington” Koo was a native of Jiading, Shanghai. He was known..

  • Chen ChangjieChen Changjie

    Chen Changjie, a native of Fuzhou of Fujian Province, was a lieutenant genera..

  • Chen Yi Chen Yi

    Chen Yi, a native of Zunyi of Guizhou Province, was former Minister of the Cu..

  • Hu Lijiao Hu Lijiao

    Hu Lijiao, a native of An ji of Jiangxi Province, was former Commissioner of ..

  • Wang YaoshanWang Yaoshan

    Wang Yaoshan, a native of Liyang, Jiangsu Province, was former member of stan..

  • Zhang ChengzongZhang Chengzong

    Born in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, he ever acted as the Deputy Mayor of ..

  • Zheng PingruZheng Pingru

    Zheng Pingru, a native of Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, was known as a heroine in..

  • Zhu ZongbaoZhu Zongbao

    Zhu Zongbao, a native of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, was former Deputy Mayor o..

“Wise Lives”

They are a group of wise men and learned scholars, who explore into history, study culture and purify life with their extensive and profound wisdom. They have passionate feelings to seek the truth; they have researching spirit to absorb everything; they have social sense, daring to take responsibilities and humane feelings to sympathize with the world. They light the world as torques in the night; they disperse the confusion as alarm bells in the corrupted world; they are the spiritual guiders for the late-comers.

  • Cao Juren Cao Juren

    Cao Juren, a native of Lanxi, Zhejiang Province, was a master in the literary..

  • Shu RenqiuShu Renqiu

    Shu Renqiu, a native of Danyang, Jiangsu Province, was the former chief edito..

  • Wang XindiWang Xindi

    Wang Xindi, a native of Huai’an, Jiangsu Province, was a modern poet and wr..

  • Li HuanyiLi Huanyi

    Li Huanyi, a native of Zunyi, Guizhou Province, was a famous poet in China...

  • Deng YunxiangDeng Yunxiang

    Deng Yunxiang was a native of Lingqiu of Shanxi Province. He was a literary h..

  • Su YuanleiSu Yuanlei

    Su Yuanlei, a native of Cangnan, Zhejiang Province, was a litterateur, histor..

  • Zhu WuhuaZhu Wuhua

    Zhu Wuhua , a native of Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, was the former President..

  • Mao XiangyangMao Xiangyang

    Mao Xiangyang was a native of Yiwu, Zhejiang Province. He was one of the firs..

  • Duanmu HongyuDuanmu Hongyu

    Duanmu Hongyu, a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, was former Director of C..

  • Li GuojiLi Guoji

    Li Guoji, a native of Ziyang, Sichuan Province, was the first generation of a..

  • Zhao XianchuZhao Xianchu

    Zhao Xianchu, a native of Xitang Town, Jiashan County, Zhejiang Province, was..

  • Wang QingzhengWang Qingzheng

    Wang Qingzheng, a native of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, was the former Deputy C..

  • Xiao MengnengXiao Mengneng

    Xiao Mengneng, native of Changning City, Hunan Province, Founder of Wen Hsing..

  • Wu YaozongWu Yaozong

    Wu Yaozong, a native of Shunde, Guangdong Province, is former President of th..

“Tough Lives”

They never compromise or withdraw no matter how great the torture is either on the spirit or on the flesh, regardless of the mishaps or destitution in life. The soft flesh contains stouthearted spirit within. With superhuman courage and will, they surmount the ordinary and interpret the strength of truth, the dignity of life and the charm of personality.

  • Cao DiqiuCao Diqiu

    Cao Diqiu was a native of Chengdu, Sichuan Province. He was former Secretary ..

  • Wang YipingWang Yiping

    Wang Yiping, a native of Rongcheng, Shandong Province, was former Secretary o..

  • Sun DayuSun Dayu

    Sun Dayu, a native of Zhuji, Zhejiang Province, was a literature translator, ..

  • Zhang ShizhuZhang Shizhu

    Zhang Shizhu, a native of Pei County, Jiangsu Province, was former Deputy Sec..

  • Shi ZhecunShi Zhecun

    Shi Zhecun, a native of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was a scholar, writer, e..

  • Shen RuiShen Rui

    Shen Rui, a native of Xiaogan, Hubei Province, was a woman soldier in the New..

  • Lu Youqing Lu Youqing

    Lu Youqing, a native of Shanghai, was the author of Life's Parting Words-Deat..

  • Yu Chunshun Yu Chunshun

    Born in Shanghai, he is a well-known Chinese traveler, adventurer and warrior..

“Gorgeous Lives”

They have outstanding talents, painting mountains and streams on the rice paper with metal, stone and ink, or acting out the joy and anger in life on the stage of Beijing opera, or singing the sorrow and happiness for people with their sweet voice. Some of them became famous when they were young, but some others succeeded late in life. Their stories are gorgeous and colorful, just like their artistic works.

  • Shen YinmoShen Yinmo

    Shen Yinmo, a native of Wuxing, Zhejiang Province, was a poet, scholar and le..

  • Zhao LengyueZhao Lengyue

    Zhao Lengyue, a native of Jiaxing, Zhejiang Province, was the former Vice Pre..

  • Shen ShijiaShen Shijia

    Shen Shijia, a native of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was a calligrapher and ..

  • Hu TieshengHu Tiesheng

    Hu Tiesheng, a native of Yantai, Shandong Province, was a painting seal engra..

  • Fang QujiFang Quji

    Fang Quji, a native of Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, was a renowned seal engrav..

  • Ma ShenglongMa Shenglong

    Ma Shenglong,a native of Shanghai,was a first-class permanent conductor i..

  • Wang YunjieWang Yunjie

    Wang yunjie, a native of Longkou, Shandong Province, was a composer and music..

  • Ding ShandeDing Shande

    Ding Shande, a native of Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, was former Vice President..

  • Shen FuShen Fu

    Born in Tianjin, Shen Fu was a dramatist and film writer and director...

  • Zhang JunxiangZhang Junxiang

    Zhang Junxiang, a native of Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, was a famous fi..

  • Huang ShaofenHuang Shaofen

    Huang Shaofen, a native of Zhongshan, Guangdong Province, was a famous film p..

  • Hu WeiminHu Weimin

    Hu Weimin, a native of Changshu, Jiangsu Province, was a master of Chinese dr..

  • Shangguan YunzhuShangguan Yunzhu

    Shangguan Yunzhu, a native of Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province, was a famous film a..

  • Jin YanJin Yan

    Jin Yan, a native of North Korea, was a film artist...

  • Liu QiongLiu Qiong

    Liu Qiong, a native of Xiangyin, Hunan Province, was a film artist and direct..

  • Zhang YunxiaZhang Yunxia

    Zhang Yunxia was born in Shanghai and her ancestral hometown was Hangzhou. Sh..

  • Yin GuifangYin Guifang

    Born in Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province, she is a famous performing artist..

  • Qi YaxianQi Yaxian

    Qi Yaxian, a native of Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, was a Shaoxing Opera artist ..

  • Shi XiaoyingShi Xiaoying

    Shi Xiaoying, a native of Shanghai, was a Shanghai opera artist...

  • Wang YaqinWang Yaqin

    Wang Yaqin, a native of Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, was a Shanghai opera perfo..

  • Yang ZhenxiongYang Zhenxiong

    Yang Zhenxiong, native of Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, a storytelling and ballad..

  • Wang ZhengpingWang Zhengping

    Wang Zhengping, a native of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, was a Beijing opera ..

  • Lv MengLv Meng

    Lv Meng,a native of Yongkang, Zhejiang Province, was former President of ..

  • Lu MangLu Mang

    Lu Mang, a native of Shanghai, was a poet and painter...

  • Teresa TengTeresa Teng

    Born in Yunlin County, Taiwan, Teresa Teng was regarded as the most successfu..

  • Lai Shaoqi Lai Shaoqi

    Lai Shaoqi, a native of Puning of Guangdong Province, was a woodcarving artis..