Zhao Lengyue—Couples in Clerical Script


The authentic work of Zhao Lengyue (a famous calligrapher), transcribed a five-character poem of Shi Hanshan, a great monk of Tang Dynasty. Zhao Lengyue returned to the “simple and calm” style in his late years. It seemed naïve, but was a return to the true nature of “calligraphy”. This five-character poem in Han style was his masterpiece, revealing his true willing to return to a simple life.

Dimension: 160cm (Length) x 34cm (width)
Material:      Paper
Poem:          Secluded and Serene, Carriages and Horses Passed by Rarely
Signature:    Lengyue

Seal:            Zhao Lengyue (White)


Zhao Lengyue
A famous calligrapher