Elegiac Scroll “Model of Loyalty” by Chiang Kai-shek


This is an elegiac scroll written by Chiang Kai-shek, recording a true story of Anti-Japanese woman agent. Zheng Pingru, a legendary women agent in China’s Anti-Japanese history and the film Lust, Caution was based on her life story. Different from the film, the true Zheng Pingru was loyal to the country for her lifetime and sacrificed her life to eliminate traitors. Most members of her family sacrificed in the fight against Japanese intruders.      Ms. Zheng Huajun, the mother of Zheng Pingru, died in Taiwan in 1960’s. To commend her understanding of the right course and her daughter’s loyalty, Chiang Kai-shek wrote this elegiac scroll, which is a true reflection of the loyal Zheng family.


Zheng Pingru
Woman agent, Anti-Japanese heroine